Annually Primoris takes part in several national and international proficiency tests, which are independent checks on the quality of laboratories. On the basis of the results of these tests, the performance of the analysis is being evaluated and improved (if necessary). As an extra challenge, Primoris regularly participates in undercover ring tests in order to meet the highest quality standards possible. 

Primoris takes part in proficiency tests organized by reputable institutions in the context of:

  • European monitoring: the proficiency tests are organized by the European Reference Laboratories for Residues of Pesticides
  • Internal quality assuranceFAPAS, Testqual and others. These organizations are accredited for the organization and the reporting of ring tests.
  • Approvals and certifications: QS, Coresta (tobacco), FAVV-AFSCA and others. These organizations sometimes organize their own ring tests, with a good outcome being the condition for acceptance.

The results of these ring tests are available to our customers. Please contact us if you're interested in these results. 


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