At Primoris we know that a working day should be much more than just finishing your hours and hit the road. As such we do our utmost to make the hours you spend at the office as pleasant as possible by, for example, providing:


  • Free soup and the possibility to purchase Foodmaker meals for lunch

  • A strong supportive policy for working from home where possible

  • Running and walking group which you are free to join for some midday sports

  • A flexible lunch time and a workplace with a lot of green and beautiful pathways

  • ...


Furthermore, we also provide a little present from time to time, just to show you that we appreciate you and your commitment very much. Think about a spectacularly delicious piece of chocolate or a lovely plant or collection of flowers to help you dress up your garden! And if you really do not want to go home, who are we to chase you away? To accommodate our die-hard fans our Primotors often organise a fun activity after hours, for example an international tasting session, a Primoris quiz, a barbecue or even a picnic in the hallway!

 Of course we always try to keep our focus on sustainability, even when taking care of our people. You can read all about how we do that on this page.




In order to find out how we realise our promises you can always visit our LinkedIn page. Via this link you arrive at an overview of our posts and actions concerning Life at Primoris. Be sure to take a look!