Sustainability is a very broad concept that knows many different interpretations. At Primoris sustainability is very important, so we want to make sure that we have a clearly defined idea of what sustainability means to us. As a result we divided the concept into three pillars: product, planet and people.



Sustainability for our product mainly focuses on sustainable growth, in order for us to ensure a strong future. This is for example achieved by a close cooperation with some key suppliers, allowing us to really dive into the needs of our proces and look for tailormade solutions. Furthermore, we also have a Lab Support Team, with for example a Continuous Improvement Officer, a team which is always looking to improve the existing processes together with the different lab departments.

 Additionally, we also look at product in a broader sense, in terms that we also commit to sustainability within the food and feed chain, which immediately links to Primoris' mission. Subsequently, we also have a partnership with Ciboris, who performs fundamental research and leads projects regarding for example food fraud and risk assessment in the production chain.



This pillar is linked to the idea of sustainability in terms of environment. Primoris is ISO 14001 certified, which means we maintain an efficient environmental management system in order to limit the impact of our activities on the environment as much as possible. The majority of our efforts are aimed at a strong waste and waste sorting policy, which surpasses the most frequent waste types such as paper, plastic and glass that are strictly managed throughout the entire lab. When developing new and existing methods our inhouse development team actively seeks to limit the use of solvents and solvent waste in the analysis process. 

Further, we also stimulate reusable containers (Primoris cups, Primoris water bottle, ...) and prefer to work with local suppliers (Soeperman Jan, Foodmaker, ...). Finally, we are strong supporters of working from home and offer the possibility to partake in the extremely beneficial bicycle leasing (regular, e-bike or speed pedelec), in order to also provide your commute with a environmentally friendly alternative.



The heart of Primoris is of course our people and we live to take care of you! As such we organise workshops concerning mental capital, both for supervisors and employees, and we provide support where it appears necessary. Apart from that, the Comity for Prevention and Protection at Work facilitates the communication between the people, the union and management, by actively working on an ideal workplace through concrete suggestions and actions.

In short, we try to make it as pleasant as possible for our employees. More information about this can be found on our 'Primoris Life' page.




In order to find out how we realise our promises you can always visit our LinkedIn page. Via this link you arrive at an overview of our posts and actions concerning sustainability at Primoris. Be sure to take a look!